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About I-rain Records

I-rain Records is a label where the artist will be allowed to develop without interference. We are dedicated to provide our artists with a platform to launch their music from and to let their music flow & flourish.

Demo Policy

We're always happy to receive demos and we'll do our best to give them all a listen and provide feedback but please be patient with us. We don't mind you sending through an email to check your demo has arrived but would prefer it if you didn't call us three times a day. If we really love what we hear we'll be in touch.

For CD´s:
• Please send it to our address.
• If you want your CD back please enclose a prepaid self-adressed envelope!
• Don´t forget to state your postal adress and email on the CD.

For mp3´s:
• If possible mail a direct link to your website, or a direkt link to a site where your demo is listed.
• if not, send your demo to:
• Do not send us more than one track, this is usually enough to give us an impression!


I Rain Records
Bloemgracht 61-f
1016 KE Amsterdam
The Netherlands