Thank you all for joining our online launch party!! It was pure chaos here at the label :)) -the champagne was flowing and we hope you all had a good time out here as well, and were able to see the LIVE performances by Sophie, Anka, and Pieter.
The sun is shining (ok sometimes) & the lambs a-leaping... Spring has arrived and with it comes a tasty new label.

At I-rain Records we will be letting the music do the talking. For a little clue, check the player to the left in the menu to get a sample of our bountiful array of music.

We are very proud to launch three individually interesting musicians and inter-related artists at once: Sophie Zeyl, Pieter Nooten and Anka Wolbert.

If those names are new to you, here's a little update on their history: Anka Wolbert and Pieter Nooten are both seasoned musicians, former 4AD artists and have been shrouded in silence and mystery for some years. Regular rumours surfaced about them re-entering the realms of the music world. Fortunately, they now have. They are both releasing solo albums.

Sophie Zeyl is well established in the Netherlands as a singer songwriter, gifted with exquisite vocals. Her live performances received ample attention and lavish credit from the music press. She started working on her album two years ago, produced by Anka Wolbert, and co-produced by Pieter Nooten. Sophie Zeyl now unveils her astonishing debut album.

We'll be keeping this site up to date with the latest news on our artists. You can read more about them individually on the artist pages and be able to buy their albums in our store.

I-rain Records is a label where the artist will be allowed to develop without interference. We are dedicated to provide our artists with a platform to launch their music from and to let their music flow & flourish.

Now that’s out the way, welcome all you music addicts out there!

Enjoy our site and most importantly, the music.
I-rain's artists are: Sophie Zeyl, Anka Wolbert and Pieter Nooten. Their CD's are for sale and available as downloads from this site . Also find the latest news, pictures and info on the artists and the label.